1st National CME on Pancreas Transplantation tomorrow

The Department of Renal Transplant Surgery, PGIMER is organising a two day conference on Pancreas transplantation on 23 & 24th July, 2016. About 70 delegates have already registered for the event. Eminent overseas and national faculty will come and participate in the event. This is the first such conference being held on pancreatic transplantation in the country. The Director of National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) will preside as a chief guest on the inauguration ceremony on the first day.

Although deceased donor transplantation has increased tremendously over the last few years in India, pancreas transplant has not taken off in India so far. The first pancreas transplant was performed at AIIMS in 2004 but after the first two cases, no further cases have been done at AIIMS thereafter. Sporadic attempts have been made at other centres in India including at Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai but till now there is no established programme for pancreatic transplantation in our country. Despite the increase in number of deceased donations in the recent years, pancreatic transplantation has yet to start in our country. Only about 25 pancreatic transplants have been attempted all across the country till now whereas annually more than 6000 renal transplants are being performed each year. One of the reasons for non-development of pancreatic transplantation in our country is that the procedure has a much higher complication rate as compared to kidney or liver transplantation. There is a prolonged recovery phase and unless the complications are handled well, these can become life threatening. Only adequately trained surgeons can handle this operation and the postoperative complications. Currently, there are very few trained transplant surgeons in the country as most of the kidney transplants being performed by the urologist who do not have enough experience to cater to the needs of this complex operation. This conference aims to bridge this gap so as to provide necessary exposure to the surgeons associated with transplantation. Didactic lectures and videos will enable participants to understand the fine nuances of this operation. Surgeons will also be able to share the difficulties encountered with the overseas faculty. It is hoped that this activity should help in establishing pancreas transplant programme in our country.

Apart from this, Dr Sunil Shroff founder of Mohan Foundation will also deliver a talk on his experience in increasing organ donation rates in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu currently performs the largest number of deceased donor transplant in the country and Mohan Foundation in collaboration with the government agencies have played a key role in transforming Tamil Nadu’s deceased organ donation rates.

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