Amritsar Rural police held major search operation in funnel area of Airport

AMRITSAR, October 9 : Amritsar rural police today held major search operation in the funnel area of Guru Ramdas International Airport Rajasansi Amritsar.
According to the information from Police there were inputs from various agencies regarding threat to north India airports. The search was conducted in the entire area falling behind the airport.
Police said that every house, abandoned places, agriculture land, thick trees and vehicles were counted in this exercise. Police also sensitize the villagers to maintain record of every guest visiting them.
The police also requested the villagers to pass any such information to police immediately if they found anything suspicious or objectionable in the area.
Airforce and CISF also took part in today’s search operation . Around 600 police personnel of Punjab police , Airforce and CISF participated in today’s search operation .
A permanent QRT (quick reaction team) vehicle, with LMG (light machine gun) is also deployed in the funnel area which will Gaurd funnel area 24X7 .

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