Badals are manipulating to extend the tenure of 2011 elected committee till 2021 -Phoolka

After the amendment in Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925 Badals have now started their manipulations to ensure that the committee elected in 2011 shall continue till 2021.

With this object in mind, Badals have got this amendment of Sehajdharis with retrospective effect from 2003, so that the elections held in 2011 without Sehajdhari votes shall be treated as valid and nullifies the effect of judgment of the High Court. The Committee elected in 2011 just had its first meeting when the High Court passed the orders. Now since 2011, the old executive committee which is also controlled by Badals is continuing under Supreme Court orders.

After the amendment, SGPC has filed application in the Supreme Court for early hearing of the case. This application was mentioned by their Lawyer in Supreme Court on 11th May 2016 and got listed for 12th May 2016. However, the matter could not be heard on 12th May 2016 by Supreme Court.

The lawyers of SGPC and Punjab Government tried to get the case heard on 13th May 2016, but the Supreme Court listed the case for hearing in the month of July.

Phoolka said that the Badals want this case to be heard early because as their first attempt is to obtain orders from Supreme Court to continue the committee elected in 2011 till 2021; and in case they do not succeed in this, then they would like fresh elections of SGPC at the earliest during their government so that they can use force to win elections.

Phoolka appeals to all Sikhs Jathebandi’s who want to free SGPC and Akal Takt Sahib from the clutches of Badals, to come together to defeat these nefarious designs of Badals.

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