Boycott popcorn in mall theaters : social media message

A message is viral on social media regarding shopping malls with theaters.

It reads, ” What is happening in malls. Apart from prices of movie and parking being exorbitant, what was too shocking and alarming was the cost of popcorn. Popcorn being charged at 100, 200 and 300 rupees.

The actual cost of these pack of popcorn should be not more than 5 rupees. Even after considering the various other costs involved, they can charge at 20 rupees, or 30 rupees, but why more than 300% of the cost.

When the matter was took up, the vendor said, as long as we have takers, we will charge.

Why are we wasting our hard earned money and make these buggers rich. Let’s curb the temptation and let’s boycott this popcorn and teach them a lesson. One average show at one screen has Atleast 500 people and if 300 people buy this popcorn they make easily 25 to 30000 rupees in one show in one screen, u will be shocked to know that this money runs in lakhs per day per show in just one city.

Come on friends lets voice it up, if we stop buying popcorn at malls, it’s sure within 3 months the cost will come down to Atleast 50 rupees, if not 20.

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