Capt Amarinder urges CJI to take note of current water flow in rivers before deciding SYL issue



PATIALA, June 11: Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Capt Amarinder Singh today urged the Chief Justice of India to take note of the actual water currently flowing in the rivers before deciding about the Satluj Yamuna Link Canal issue.

The PCC president also appealed to the likeminded secular and democratic forces and parties like the CPI, CPM and the BSP to come together in the interest of Punjab and its future.

Addressing a delegate session of the state chapter of the United Communist Party of India (UCPI) here today, he said, Punjab virtually had no water to spare for other states. He said, if the SC gave an adverse judgement against Punjab, at least ten lakh acres of land in Malwa region will turn dry and barren.

Giving details, he said, the actual water flow in the erstwhile Punjab rivers between 1921 to 1945 was 15.8 MAF (million acre feet). He said, since then the glaciers have melted down and the water flow has substantially come down to 13 MAF right now. He maintained that the Eradi Commission had claimed the flow to be 18 MAF, which is wrong as the figures were taken when there were floods in Punjab.

He said, on the basis of Eradi Commission the Haryana government was claiming its share, which is unjustified. That is why, he added, he has been appealing to the Supreme Court of India to find out the actual current water flow before deciding the matter.

Capt Amarinder reiterated that come what may, he will use all available means to prevent Punjab’s water being taken away by others. “Not that we don’t want to give water to them, only because we don’t have enough water even to meet our own needs, we are resisting any such move that snatches our water from us”, he said, while justifying his firm stand against SYL, and adding, “it is the issue of survival for my Punjab and its future generations”.

The PCC president said that Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal was only trying to do politics on the matter without effectively presenting his case before the centre. “His party is part of the government at the centre, what prevents him from telling Modi that he cannot spare any water for Haryana?” he asked, wondering what he was scared of, while pointing out how he had himself put everything at stake to pass a law in the Vidhan Sabha that saved Punjab’s waters..

Expressing his gratitude to the UCPI for extending unconditional support to the Congress party for the forthcoming assembly elections in the state, he said, it will certainly add strength to the party’s prospects in the state.

He hoped that other likeminded parties like the CPI, the CPM and the BSP will also understand the urgency of fighting the communal and divisive forces like the Akali-BJP and the anarchists like AAP, together.

He warned that on the one hand there was a communal and sectarian alliance between the Akalis and the BJP and on the other hand there was an anarchist party like AAP which had no ideology, no leadership, no policy and no programme. “Choice is yours and you have to exercise caution”, he warned.

Addressing the session Sukhjinder Singh Dhaliwal, national general secretary of the UCPI said, it was the need of the hour that all the secular, democratic and progressive forces joined hands together under the leadership of Congress and Capt Amarinder to save Punjab.

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