Eatables after expiry date being sold at patnjali Arogya Center

Complaint given to Principal Secy. Health : Atul Sharma

SAS Nagar, September 12 (Bureau) Distt. Congress Secy. Atul Sharma has written a letter to the Principal Secy. Deptt. of Health and Family Welfare Punjab to  take action against  sale of eatable products after expiry period/ date at PATNJALI AAROGYA HEALTH CURE, S.C.O-10, PHASE-5, MOHALI. 

In his letter he said that today he purchased Chana Dal Namkeen, 6 pkts @ Rs. 10/- from PATNJALI AAROGYA HEALTH CURE, S.C.O-10, PHASE-5, MOHALI vide cash bill No. 016023 dated 12.09.2016. He said that manufacturing date printed on the pouch label read as 04/2 016 for Rs. 10/- with best before 6 months from manufactured.
He said that the matter was brought into the notice of Mr. Sanjeev Dhingra head of the PATNJALI AAROGYA HEALTH CURE, S.C.O-10, PHASE-5, MOHALI store and he admitted the facts.
He said that when it was requested that it is not in the interest of General Public to consume the eatable items after the date of expiry, and it must not be sold by the sellers in the market as these are prone to health hazards, Mr. Sanjeev Dhingra replied that he had nothing to say in the matter as he had received the supply from distributer, whose name and address Mr. Sanjeev Dhingra refused to divulge.
Atul Sharma said thathe also tried to make the facts abundantly clear to the media, whose representatives also visited the store at about5:30 PM and the matter was also brought to the notice of Drug Inspector Manpreet Kaur on her mobile no. 9888877203 who refused to take any action as the matter pertains to food items.
Atul Sharma asked the principal Secy. to take remedial steps to control the sale of eatable items, the date of which has already expired to avoid health problems of common man.

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