First national workshop on Pharmacogenomics

The Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory (EPL) situated at Department of Pharmacology, PGIMER, Chandigarh deals in Preclinical and Clinical Research has started its first national workshop cum hands on training on “Pharmacogenomics using next generation sequencing” with alliance of Medical Pharmacology Society (MPS-Research Council) after EPL website release in public domain under the observation of Prof. Bikash Medhi, Organizing Chairman and Dr. Phulen Sarma, Organising Secretary from 13th- 15th November. The workshop was officially inaugurated by the Honourable Prof. Jagat Ram (Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh) in Department of Pharmacology. In Inauguration ceremony, other dignitaries were Prof. Deepak Kaul, Head, Dept. of Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology, PGIMER and Prof. Amitava Chakrabarti, Head, Dept. of Pharmacology, PGIMER were present. The workshop was started with an aim to provide training to the scientists, faculty students and faculty working in pharmacogenomics field. The hands on training will sharpen their skill and confiscate initial mind snag in the next generation sequencing towards the drug discovery of personalized/ Individualized therapy.
The Program was started with the lecture of Prof. Amitava Chakrabarti on Pharmacogenomics: An Introduction. In this lecture, Prof. Amitava Chakrabarti covered basic aspects of Pharmacogenomics, Human Genome Project and other breakthrough in field of Pharmacogenomics. Prof. Deepak Kaul had delivered the lecture on Pharmacogenomics in herbal drugs: Future needs. In India there has various traditional system of medicine, as half of population still relies on herbal drugs. Therefore, there is strong need of Pharmacogenomics in herbal drugs. After Dr. Kaul lecture, Prof. Bikash Medhi enlighted the participants about necessity of Pharmacogenomics, their prospect in Personalized Medicine. Dr Ashvinder Raina has delivered the lecture on Methodologies in Pharmacogenomics in which he covered numerous way to carried out research in Pharmacogenomics as per laboratory setting. Dr. Prabhu Patil, IMTECH had delivered lecture on sequencing and its need in Individualized therapy. Dr Rupinder Kler has covered the importance of Pharmacogenomics in Patients requisite and application of same in Pharmacotherpaeutics. After lecture from various eminent speakers, the participants were provided hand on experience on DNA extraction and Primer Design. The first day of workshop was concluded after the lecture of Dr. Ajay Prakash on Statistical issues in Pharmacogenomics and Dr. Phulen Sharma on TPMT Pharmacogenomics: Integrating metabolism with Pharmacogenomics: A case study.

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