Grandparents Day celebrated at Small Wonders School


SAS Nagar, September 30: Students of Smart Wonders School, Mohali todayorganised Virasat – a cultural event in order to  show their respect and express gratitude towards their grandparents.

On the occasion, grandparents were invited for the musical morning which was Symbolic of the various hues of life and joy. The students enthralled the audience with a mesmerizing dance of the goddesses and divine music. The scintillating Lavani dance captivated the audience. Glamour and style of their personas was unleased through a retro medley. It was a visual treat to watch the students attired in vibrant costumes as they set the stage ablaze with their spectacular Bhangra.

Speaking on the occasion, principal, Anu Dhingra , “In these times when nuclear families have become a harsh reality of our lives, the tales of grandmas and grandpas, their unconditional love, support and the feeling of a security blanket around us that their presence exudes, is a thing sadly losing its identity, but being very conscious of the value of these two pillars, we organised this warm and affectionate morning especially for them”

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