Illumination-Celebrating light and creating memories

From IIT Kharagpur : With the advent of Diwali, when the whole nation is busy assembling crackers for the day, students at IIT Kharagpur have kept no stone unturned to make this Diwali, an economic and non-polluting one! Like every other year, IIT Kharagpur will be celebrating the festival of lights with creativity more than crackers. This unique cultural festival on occasion of Diwali known to be Illumination or better as “Illu” which remains wide awake in the soul of every KGPian. Starting from the phase of preparation to the moment of displaying the gigantic bamboo structures or Chatais decorated with Diyas reflecting the true spirit of a diwali, Illu disseminates a wave of excitement and enthusiasm through the campus.

The preparation for Illu have already taken roots with all the Halls of residence designing their own theme to be presented, the involvement of students in the same is worth watching. The essence of this grand event is the countless hours of unmatched dedication that the students put in converting their ideas into a startling visual phenomenon which exhibits the high tempo that inhabits in them. With the revival of competition amongst all the 21 Halls of residence, Illumination-2016 is going to be one of the most happening events ever in the history of IIT Kharagpur.

The excitement infused into the students this time coupled with the forever strengthening bond between them is all that drives Illu to the zenith of beauty.  Starting from basic raw materials comprising of steel wires, bamboo and diyas, the student transform them into magnificent structures with unique themes varying with Halls of residence which shine against the dark making every KGPian proud and spirited.

Diwali celebrations doesn’t only end here, Rangoli also adds honey to the sugar. The beautiful designs of an exuberant combination of colours make the festival of light colorful as well. Using light and different colour effects, students bring here the true feeling of home.

With the involvement of the multitude of students, Years down the lane after students graduate, Illu unarguably becomes one of the finest memories to be cherished. With a few days left to this unique happening, the spirit of KGPians is on an exponential rise, who are all set to this coming Illu the best of all times.

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