Jagmeet Brar condemned the attack on senior RSS leader Brig. Jagdish Gagneja

Jagmeet Singh Brar has strongly condemned the attack on senior RSS leader Brig. Jagdish Gagneja on Saturday in Jalandhar

He said “This dastardly act is part of a greater plan of communal forces to destabilise Punjab closer to elections and is in the same pattern as attacks on preachers like Sant Dhandrianwale and repeated desecration incidents of Sri Guru Granth Saheb Maharaj”

He added “Sukhbir has failed miserably as a home minister and the people of Punjab are fed up with this ‘nikammi te nalayak’ government”

He asked the central government to intervene in the deteriorating law and order situation of the state and said “The streets of Punjab are filled with criminals, drug dealers and thugs who have Akali protection – even some members of the Police work like a ‘Private Gunda Fauj’ for Sukhbir”

He also warned “Sukhbir and his gang of criminals in the cabinet have also relaxed bail rules for hardened criminals – now they will use these criminals to intimidate voters and opposition closer to elections. I will be writing to the election commission and asking for immediate action before it’s too late”

He concluded by saying “While I pray for Gagnejaji’s health and long life, I appeal to the people of Punjab to defeat this evil communal plan and maintain communal harmony and protect this peace we have gained after decades of bloodshed in the name of religion”

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