Lover Ghost create panic among girls

Have You ever heard of ‘Lover Ghost’ who not only write letters and money but also send girls money. When any girl reject or ignore him, he even gets angry and give her a tough beating. The girls are panicked and don’t know what to do with this lover ghost.

The story is of Kolkata’s Nohati area, where a ghost is presently doing all the above things. He cannot be seen and girls of this area are very upset these days. The parents of these girls have gone to many occulist but in vain. The people are terrified and also astonished with the activities of this lover ghost.

There are many ghost stories in Kolkata but this recent lover ghost story is different of all the other stories of the past. Youth of the area is talking about this ghost a lot and he is getting quite a ‘popularity’ in the area regarding sending money and letters to the girls he loves. The only terror part is that when a girl ignore him, the ghost beats her up, even with blunt weapons.

So if you are a pretty girl and are going to Nohati area of Kolkata, beware of this lover ghost as he may be around you and watching you. Pray to god that this ghost doesn’t falls in love with you. Once he falls in love with you, you can’t ignore him or be ready to get a tough beating from this ghost.

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