PUCA urged Punjab Government to release Post Matric Scholarship

Centre released 172 Crore but the Colleges get only 44 Crore

SAS Nagar, September 11 (Bureau) Punjab Unaided Colleges Association (PUCA) has urged the Punjab Government to release Post Matric Scholarship funds for the previous sessions of 2014-2015 & 2015-16.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, President, PUCA said that in the recent reports Sh. Vijay Sampla, Minister of state for social Justice has said that the Centre has already released 172 crore to the State Government for the year 2015-16 but the Punjab Government has released only 44 crores to the Private Unaided Colleges.”Why the balance amount of Rs 128 crore has not been released to the colleges when Centre has already given?” Kataria questioned.

Kataria said that Post Matric Scholarship funds has not been fully disbursed for the year 2014-15 while for the year 2015-16 only 30% has been disbursed for some districts while 70% is totally due towards the Government.

Kataria further added that admissions for the year 2016-17 are almost closed and another 500-600 crore would become due in coming weeks for the year 2016-17.

Senior Vice president, Sh. Amit Sharma, said “We cannot deny admission to SC/ST/OBC students. But at the same time we need funds to run our institutions but Punjab does not release the payment on time due to which institutions are facing financial crisis.

Finance Secretary, CA Manmohan Garg said that because of the delay in the payment of PMS by the state, the financial system of many colleges is upset, while on the other hand, if colleges don’tserve the debt taken from the bank for over 90 days the account is declared as Non Performing assets (NPA).

Joint Secretary, Gurkirat Singh said that many states, including Himachal Pradesh, Bihar etc. reimburse the scholarship to the OBC students. Gurkirat Singh questioned when centre Govt has a policy to pay the scholarship for the OBC students then why it is not there in Punjab?

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