Reasonable understanding of the subject interpreted into practical professional reality important important: Venkat Matoory


Mohali, August 13 : The three day Leadership Summit hosted by Learning paths School, Mohali started today with around 110 students from 20 schools participating in event. The interactive sessions aimed to shape a forum for students from eminent schools to collaborate, build upon and deepen the philosophy and ethos of leadership within the school curriculum.

The theme ‘Students and Industry – Advancing Aspiration and Reason’ reflected upon framework for professional decision making and methodology for developing support eco-systems that allow them to practically operate. The event which was in collaboration with Junior Achievement India programme saw renowned speaker, Mr Venkat Matoory, CEO JA India and Senior Director, India Enterprise Network, JA Worldwide to deliberate on the subject . The sessions comprehend the connect between what, when and how in a student’s life.  Venkat particularly dwelled upon reasonable understanding for an individual’s professional journey, and the same abstraction to be interpreted into a practical everyday professional reality.

Venkat during the session stated, “At this stage of life when students have to take decision about the courses and future academics, it is very important for them to understand, differentiate, weigh the options and introspect.   Most of the students, he said comes under peer pressure and choose the wrong courses which are not even meant for them or they do not want to pursue. Attaining leadership in individual’s professional journey requires the inner drive, direction and practical reasoning and this is the sole motive of the summit , he stated.

Speaking on the occasion, Robin Aggarwal, Director, Learning Paths School, stated, “  We are glad to host the summit and look forward for the  students to gain maximum information from the interactive sessions. The aim and endeavour of these interactive sessions is to facilitate the holistic development of the students and shaping them into 21st century learners with a global mind. The summit, he stated is a great opportunity for the students of tricity to decode workplaces and industry through personalized narratives for their career paths.

Students from St Johns High School , St Kabir Public School , Carmel Convent , Bhawan Vidalya  , Saupins, Learning paths School , Mohali  etc participated on the first day of the summit .

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