Chandigarh : Sep 28, 2016 :  A wreath laying ceremony was held today, to pay homage to its martyrs, at “Veer Smriti” in Chandimandir to commemorate the 189th Regimental day of Artillery, celebrated as ‘Gunners Day’. The Day commemorates the raising of the first Artillery unit namely the “Bombay Battery” during 1827.Officers and Jawans from the Regiment  of Artillery and posted in Western Command took part in the solemn ceremony to pay tribute. The Regiment of Artillery is in a rapid phase of transition with the planned acquisition of a plethora of modern equipment. This will enhance its battle winning potential manifold. As always, professionalism remains the main focus of the Gunners.

The Regiment of Artillery has consistently done well in all roles assigned to it, be it in active operations across the entire spectrum of modern day conflict, on the international sports field or any other sphere of activity. By its strong leadership, professional culture and effective training methodologies, the Regiment of Artillery continues its quest for excellence and lives up to its motto “Sarvatra Izzat – O –Iqbal” meaning “omnipresence with honour and glory”.

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