RSS’s b-team is AAP substantiated by recent acts of sidhu couple-karnail singh peer mohammad

AISSF Chief Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad has said that Aam aadmi party (AAP) is the secondary team of Rashtriya swayamsewak sangh (RSS)  and the recent proof of this is the sudden resignation of navjot singh sidhu. In the past Navjot Kaur Sidhu said that RSS’s principles are the foundation of our ideologies and we are the firm believers of RSS therefore me and my husband will always work on this philosophy. Now he has resigned and is ready to become the face of AAP in punjab. The main intention behind all this is to set the Sikh leadership aside. When the outside faces didn’t worked and the party got embroiled in controversies they started looking for insiders who though are famous faces in punjab but have done nothing whatsoever for punjab. Moreover there slogan was that we will work differently than other parties and will not use religion as a vote bank but now there whole campaign is around religion. Every breaking news is about this controversy in delhi. Even after getting such a huge mandate they have done nothing substantive other than crying about not having enough powers to deal with things.

He said that Punjab is a vulnerable state because people are fed up with the current leadership but that does not mean that outsiders should take advantage of this situation who know nothing about our values.

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