South Indian Resident doctor wins Angad Award for excelling in Punjabi language  

Chandigarh, May 20 (Bureau) Resident doctor Vishwanath S Bhaire from Department of Anaesthesia, PGI has learned Punjabi so well that he has been honored  with  “Angad Award” by PGI Director Prof Yogesh Chawla. South Indian Doctor Vishwanath not only mastered Punjabi but also learned Hindi to speak with patients for better treatment. After honoring the awardee Prof Chawla said that “it is necessary for the doctors and nurses to learn patients language for better treatment”. After accepting the award Dr Vishwanath said it is an honour to learn Punjabi language and I will teach Punjabi to everybody” He also thanked Punditrao who taught him the Punjabi language.

 Punditrao who is Assistant Professor in Government College of Chandigarh, has taken steps to teach Punjabi and Hindi to all the south Indian doctors in PGI. He has been encouraging the doctors and nurses to learn Punjabi and Hindi for better communication with patients. Punditrao who has formed Angad Bhasha center, has been giving away Angad Award to those Doctors and Nurses who try to learn patients language. Punditrao himself from Karnataka has learned Punjabi so well that he has penned down 12 books in Punjabi. He has also translated Sri Jap Ji Saheb, Sri Sukhmani Saheb and Zafarnama into Kannada language.

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